Tuesday, July 23, 2013

6-week check-up

To be ready for the Chicago marathon, I got back together with Hal on June 9, which means I've finished six weeks, and none of them have been easy. Throughout I've had massive motivation problems. I know I CAN do it, I just don't want to! It was actually easier the first few times because I knew I HAD to do every run in order to be ready. Now I know I'm in shape and can get through it, so I've justified skipping a few shorter runs :(

Not my phone! Found online :)
The long slow Saturday runs have been especially problematic. I know they're the crux of training, but the first several weeks I couldn't manage to do a single one as prescribed.

Week 1 - I was in Paris without water. Completed 6.02 / 8

Week 2 - It was insanely hot and humid and I was forced on to the dreadmill. I ran for a solid hour without any walking, stopping or water breaks, then the machine automatically stopped. I stopped for a minute for a big drink of water, fully planning to do another half hour, but the hot sweat was dripping and I was DONE! Had I been able to change my shirt, I could have done it, or if the machine went all 90 minutes without stopping, I could do that too, but the break psyched out my groove. Completed 5.03 / 9

Week 3 - Yeah I managed to do it, but it was a "recovery" run of "only" 6 miles. Somehow this one doesn't feel like it counts because it was a shorter distance. Completed 6.0 / 6.0

Week 4 - Up north for a long July 4th weekend. I took ALL my running gear, including the foam roller, water holster and stinking shoes. Woke up at 6:30 am, and ate two Clif Bars, then just couldn't get going. Part of it was the route - there was nowhere good to run! The best choice was run along a 45-mph road with no shoulder or trees into a sketchy looking subdivision. Yeah, I passed. Tried to make up for it on Monday, but there was a big storm coming so I tried to stay close to home and ran the worst route possible. Completed 5.0 / 11

Week 5 - Hal said to do 12 miles and I knew I HAD to do it, I couldn't keep procrastinating the distances. It was hot and humid and it got done. I seem to reach a point in the long summer runs when my clothing is completely saturated with sweat and I've had so much water that I feel squishy, but once I reach that point, I can go forever. Completed 12.68 / 12

Week 6 - The mid-distance runs seem harder than the super long ones. It was "cooler" and less humid, but felt so difficult. It was painfully slow, but I finished. Completed 9.09 / 9

Today was interesting. I had dinner plans, so my choices were run early, or digest for hours after dinner then try. It was "cooler" (Ha! It was in the mid-80s!!!) so I went mid-afternoon. It was hot and sunny so I applied my sunblock and headed out. I made myself stop at the library to refill my water, even though I didn't necessarily need it yet. By mile 2.5 the weather had quickly changed from sunny to HAIL!!! Do I have a rain cloud over my head or something???

I just ran through it and I haven't felt that good during a run in a long long time. (Although the hail hitting my neck and bare arms hurt!) Tried a different route for variety but I had forgotten the street doesn't go through, so 7.0 became 8.16. Cool :)

I'm 1/3 of the way through training. In some respects I feel like I could do a full this weekend or next, but in others, I feel nowhere near ready. Keep trusting Hal. He knows what he's doing!!!

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