Monday, July 1, 2013

Running in Paris

I can't think of anything more stereotypical American than going to Paris and running. People don't seem to run there, and any good places to run were difficult to find, and far away. Whereas I saw dozens of people running in London every day, I saw four people running around Paris over the course of six days.

I was in Europe during weeks 1 and 2 of Hal's training program, and I couldn't let vacation derail my training. It was easy to keep on track in London, but Paris was much more difficult. The biggest problem was that the sidewalks were narrow and crowded, and while there were many parks in the Montparnasse area where I was staying, they were very small, most less than 1/4 mile from end to end.

The first two runs I attempted were spent dodging people. At one point I went to a boulevard and ran back and forth and back and forth over the median. Each way was 0.1 miles, and I did several loops of that, but there was no way I could do 5 miles of it.

The last day in Paris, Hal wanted me to run 9 miles, which I had realized wasn't going to happen around town, so I took a 30-minute subway ride to Parc du Boulogne, which is outside the central city. The park looked huge on the maps I had seen, so surely there would be a place to run. If nothing else, I could run laps around Roland Garros Stadium (home of the French Open).

Parisians are much better dressed than we are, and I tried to look nice while I was there, but on running day, I was in my Mizunos, shorts and a sweat band. I smelled pretty rank on the way back, but tough! I was able to get a solid run done.

Hal said to do 9, I managed 6. It was really hot, and if I had water, I would have done all 9, but I ran over an hour, so it was good. He wants me to follow the training program, but he also wants me to enjoy life, so it was ok, especially that early in the training program.

I took my camera bag so I had a place for my room key and for my Metro ticket and took a few pictures. Happy running!

I took a picture of every park map so I knew where I was and how to get back when I was done!!

Tons of people were at the park, a handful of runners, but mostly walkers and picnickers.

Carmenita is awesome. She can find our location anywhere :)

Next challenge: finding an appropriate running course up north for my 11-miler. I'm definitely a creature of habit and don't like the uncertainty of finding and using new routes!!!


  1. I am Green with ENVY Michelle! So very very cool!

    1. I'm crazy jealous of all your training partners. Want to trade? :)