Monday, July 8, 2013


When I ran the Free Press marathon in 2010, the full never reached its sell out point. In 2011, I wasn't in shape to do another full, and the half was sold out in late September. In 2012, registration for all the races closed in late August so Homeland Security could approve the entrants etc.

In 2013, the full is already sold out, and has been for almost a month! There were 4,500 spots initially, but due to demand, the race opened up another 2,500 spots which also sold out really quickly. By mid-June all 6,000 spots were sold out. Crazy!

Good thing I registered at 12:03 am the day it opened. I was online at 12:00 exactly, but I had forgotten I needed my passport number so that took a few minutes to find. I was #131 last year and I'm hoping for a lower number this year. It's fun to have a 3-digit number when most of the numbers you see are 5-digits :D

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