Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer 2013 - How Michelle got her groove back

Through my first five marathons I didn't like running, not one minute of it. I did it because it was good for me, it kept my heart and lungs healthy, and enabled me to finish marathons, and who doesn't want to talk about the marathons they've completed??? All of summer 2012 I complained about running and how I didn't want to do a single run, yet I did them all.

Then sometime in the week between Indianapolis and Columbia City I fell in love with running and I really enjoyed it. That awesome feeling lasted about 8 months but now I'm back in the mind-set that I already paid a lot of $$ for my fall races, so I'm training just to get my money worth.

Motivation is a problem, interest is a problem. GET OVER IT!!! Five times a week I shut off my brain, put on my big girl pants and just get it done!!! Maybe the enjoyment will come back, maybe it won't. Either way, the endorphins are worth it, being able to eat Jet's pizza is worth it. Adding to my medal hanger will definitely be worth it.

Even though I've had zero interest in running this week, two of my runs were GREAT! Tuesday I did 6 miles and the rain felt great. Wednesday I did intervals on the treadmill and it was miserable during, but after felt like I had accomplished something.

If I can force myself to start, inspiration will find me and I'll finish. No one ever said long distance running was easy or fun, it's a commitment I have to make every single day, and it's worth it. Crossing the finish line is worth every single training run. Eyes on the prize, girl!

So there's that. When I'm not running, I work a nice job. It doesn't necessarily pay the bills, but it's a pleasant job and I enjoy it. During the summer, though, it's a total crap-shoot because I don't work with "my" students. Some summer assignments have been good, others have been so-so, and one was terrible.

This summer my boss assigned me to a 6-week position at the "terrible" district, and it's been GREAT!!! I'm working with a district teacher to help seven students improve their reading and math skills. Every day after the kids leave, Mrs. K. and I look at each other and marvel that we're still in the "honeymoon phase." The kids do all the work without any complaint, and always ask what's next? We've had zero problems. It seems like there has to be a catch, but half-way through the program, they're the best class ever, and we get paid for it??? :D

Add in a new relationship and 2013 is the best summer ever! Although I know Hal says relationships are detrimental to training. I know, Hal... Mrs. K. asked the most important question of all - does he know about my relationship with Hal??? Yep :) Thankfully he supports my running and understands that I need to check out for several hours every Saturday. My long Saturday runs are non-negotiable. They have to be. If I don't make them a priority, no one else will.

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