Monday, July 29, 2013

The Perfect Run

I was all set to run on Saturday, but the flash flood changed that. Hal says once you've missed a run it's over and you can't make up for it. I understand that, but as much as I didn't want to run 14 miles on Sunday, I also didn't want to miss the training step. I really didn't want to run. I don't like Sunday running, I don't like running 14 miles. Sigh. I had a defeated attitude before I even began.

It was 61 and felt like rain was on the way. My friend in Ann Arbor 30 miles west of me said it wasn't raining there. Even so, I know my track record with rain this year :( So I compromised. I told myself I would run until it started raining. TWO MINUTES in, it was raining. Am I cursed or what??? It was a light misty rain so I figured I'd do the 2.6 mile loop and if it didn't stop, I was done.

It stopped. Damn I had to keep running. I got seven miles from home and it started raining again!!! Thankfully it was just little mist again for a few minutes.

My whole goal on the run was just to log the miles. If I averaged 11-minute miles I'd be really happy. I was nowhere near 11. The first 12 miles were all under 11, with crazy consistency. I got tired and sloppy toward the end, so if I exclude the last two miles, my first 12 were within a 33 second window. Even if I count the last two, there was a 54 second difference between the fastest and slowest miles. Wow!!!! Consistency is usually my biggest problem and I nailed it on Sunday!!!!

Part of me feels like I was "slow." The other part - the rational part - says in no uncertain terms "Shut up!!!!! YOUR goal is to run a 4:33, which means averaging a 10:35 the whole way. You just ran FOURTEEN MILES at a 10:37 pace. MAJOR VICTORY!!!!!!"

I tried to come up with reasons why it was such a great race: good weather - 61 and sunny, adequate calories and hydration, sufficient water. I think the biggest one is that I only did 2.6 on Saturday. All along Hal has had me doing half distances the day before so I'm doing my long run on tired legs. This week I pretty much had a day off before the 14 and I was flying. Huh, I guess he does know what he's doing :D

I had largely forgotten (repressed) how much it hurts to run that far and I was pretty beat up when I finished. Well my joints felt great, I was just tired and dehydrated and dragging. Thank goodness for Harry Potter weekends! Cookies, milk and Harry Potter. Yup, I like that recovery plan :)

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