Saturday, July 27, 2013

The week I get upset with Hal

This summer is the 5th time I've followed one of Hal Higdon's training programs, and whether it was novice 2 or intermediate 1, I always have the same reaction in week 7.

The pattern is the same every week - short run, moderate run, short run, day off, long run. Or in the intermediate program it's short, moderate, short, off, half-distance, long run.

The first six weeks, the short runs are exactly that - 3 miles. Week 7 they become 4 miles. Not a huge difference and a change my body can handle with ease, but it's a huge mental change for me.

Unless I'm going up to Hines Drive, I always start at home, cross Dix Ave. and run in Allen Park. The short runs are all residential and I don't cross any big streets.

Long runs cross Southfield Rd. and go through more residential areas. Something about crossing Southfield automatically makes it a long run, and now I have to do every single run as a "long" run. Waaaaah!

Speaking of whining and crying, Saturday's run was a doozy of a whine-fest. It was cloudy and cool but dry all day and I had trouble getting started. I finally set out around 6 pm. SIX MINUTES into my run the skies opened up and POURED. There was lightning and really loud thunder, so it didn't make much sense to run 8 miles from home. I did the easiest route I have - 2.6 miles and to say the heck with it! I'm so sick of being rained on! I'm sick of sloshing through puddles, of my shoes being perpetually wet. Forget it!!!! I'll try and make up some of the miles tomorrow, weather dependent.

Here's a lousy joke I just made up - how do you prevent Michigan from having a drought this summer? Make sure Michelle keeps running :(

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