Monday, July 22, 2013

When I'm feeling only half crazy

I've never run a half marathon. It's funny and has become a game to see how long I can go without doing one. I'm doing the Donald Duck half at Disney in January as part of the Goofy challenge, so it made sense to me to wait for that to be my inaugural half.

"Indy" was telling me about one of his running friends who was planning to do the Goofy as her first marathon and I immediately hopped up on my soapbox and started ranting about what a terrible idea that was, that she had no idea how a full marathon felt, or the amount of energy she'd need, and doing a first marathon is soooooo difficult, that adding in a half the day before was just reckless.

What a second ... pot, kettle, black....

I've run a half or further in training many times, but I've always just logged the miles, never tried to run hard or consciously tried for pace. Add in that I receive e-mails every Wednesday from Randy at Running Fit with running tips and stories and publicity for the races they sponsor. One of the upcoming events is "The Legend," half marathon north of Lansing.

I'll be in Ann Arbor that weekend anyway and Hal says to race a half marathon the following weekend. I'll swap the two weeks and it makes sense! Besides I *heart* the pink shirt!!!! Add in a Headless Horseman medal and it's a great idea! :)

Hal doesn't say to do so, but I'm really thinking run at least 13 miles the day after so I have an idea of what's coming at Disney. Whee!!!!

Update: I looked at the 2012 results and my best half split of 2:17:30 would have placed me 8th out of 30. What?!?! I was anticipating something more like 20 / 30. Hmmm this could be intriguing...


  1. The legend is a fun trail race... don't plan on a PR on the course :-)

    1. Very true. Although since I don't have an official 13.1 time, whatever I get is my de facto PR :)