Tuesday, August 20, 2013

16 - I'm not alone!!

I don't use facebook. I know, I know. I'm still living in the dark ages. I actually do have an account, for two purposes - to play Words with Friends, and to look at the postings on my race sites. I don't have any friends though, no pictures, nada.

Well last week a woman posted on the Free Press marathon site to find out about running clubs in the area. I responded about the ones in Allen Park and Grosse Ile, and mentioned I'd be happy to run together if she was interested, seeing as we're at about the same pace. We made plans to meet on Saturday. Whee!!!

Saturday was one of my four super-long monster training runs. Hal wanted me to run 17 and I absolutely had to do it, especially after the 15 miler got downgraded to a 5+ It was hot and I had stayed up too late on Friday night at the Tigers game, but I knew I had plans to meet up with a partner, so I couldn't miss that. Besides it was only going to get hotter as the sun rose higher and higher.

Hal wanted me to do 17, but she was only planning 10, so I figured I would do 3, do the 10 with her, then have to finish another 3 to get back to my car. So it would only be 16. Eh it's alright.

The first 3 by myself were terrible. I was seriously dragging, then when we met up, she had brought her husband and neighbor as well and they were all bright eyed and eager to run, unlike me and my tired legs.

Yet no one ever wants to be the wimp to keep stopping, so we went and it was great!!!! Over 10 miles we walked maybe 4 times for water. There were a few times I could have gone a little faster, but I wasn't giving up a running partner over a few seconds! It was hot and exhausting and the sweat had drenched my clothing and still kept dripping. Somehow, though, it's all more tolerable when you have someone with whom to complain and commiserate.

After she finished her 10, her neighbor did 1 more with me, then I had 2 on my own to get back to the car and it all fell apart those 2 miles. Together we were in the 10:00 - 11:00 range, but on my own I slipped back to 12:00s. Yikes!

We for sure have to run together again. I hadn't really eaten enough and my legs were exhausted from Friday's run, but I was able to get through everything and at a faster pace than I can on my own.

I can't do a great marathon on my own. I've always known this. When left to my own devices, I give in to the complaining and whining and the pain, but it's all more manageable when I'm not alone.

Talked with "Indy" via text after the fact.

me: 16 miles at 11:01 avg.

him: You go! You're going to kill your times this fall!

me: That's the plan :) Altho I had killer training runs last summer only to be undone by head cold and flu :(

him: But isn't this year faster? [I had to look it up]

me: So my 16 miler last year was 3:10. I rule! :) lol [Saturday was 2:56 for a 14 minute improvement. That's just about a full minute faster every mile!!!! Happy happy happy]

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