Monday, August 26, 2013

18 miles - A two-step run

Saturday was another long run - 18 miles. It was also going to be really hot and sunny. Originally I was planning to run 2+ laps at Kensington before my niece's birthday party, but the idea made me cringe. One lap on that crazy loop is bad enough - I can't imagine doing two!!!

Luckily a better option arose - to run with Kelly at Willow MetroPark. We started at 8am and it was already hot! Yuck! She was having stomach issues, and I was seriously whiny and not wanting to run. Every time we ran into the sun, it seemed to get hotter and more miserable. I was seriously not feeling it!!!!

She had to do 15 miles. We got back to the car at 13.22 and I was good enough with that. I had gone with my friend who played disc golf while I was running and I didn't want to make him wait another hour while I finished my 18 miles. Besides, I just didn't want to! I was hungry, thirsty, dehydrated, bored. My shirt was dripping sweat, which is one of the worst feelings for me mentally. I could practically wring out the sweat. Ewwww!

Friend and I drove back to my house to get cleaned up for the party, and we were in the car maybe 3 minutes and I started feeling really bad about my run. I know I CAN run 18 miles, so I was super disappointed in myself that I didn't do it. It would make us late to the party, but I really wanted to finish my run, even though it was after 12 pm, and the sun was at its full height and strength.

But I HAD to do it, so I changed my shirt, left my friend at home with a dvd of The Walking Dead, and I went back out around my house. My left knee was a little stiff, but I wanted to try and see how far I could go, hopefully the final 4.78 miles.

Despite the heat, I left my water belt at home because it's too heavy and I don't like wearing it! Instead I cranked up the ultimate 4-hour cardio play mix, devised my strategy (run 0.45, walk 0.05) and went. I was able to get through the final miles to hit 18 and I'm soooooo glad I did. It would have been the easiest thing to stop at 13, so I was happy I pushed myself and did a really uncomfortable run :)

My final time was 3:20, or an 11:06 average, even with my scheduled walk strategy. Perhaps I could have gone faster, but between Kelly's stomach and my whining, 11:06s were good. They're 31 seconds slower than my race pace, and Hal says to train 60-90 seconds slower per mile than race pace. I was still 9 minutes faster than last summer, so it's all good.

Next up: "only" 13 miles haha

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