Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another? WTH*??? (*What the HALF???)

I don't think for a second that my finishing time at The Legend trail half accurately reflects what I'm capable of running. I've run several half splits faster than that when I was conserving energy for the second half.

A few weeks ago Running Fit sent out an email about a race they're hosting - the Heroes on Hines 5k and half marathon to raise money to build the first responders memorial.

They may as well have just sent a picture of the medal and said "Do you want this?" Yes, I do.

Add in that it's a Running Fit event, so it'll be well organized, and it's on Hines Drive, which is practically my backyard and I often run there. Let's just hope it isn't flooded like it was at the Martian.

From their email: "The final mile will include an unforgettable run through an honor guard of police, fire fighters and other first responders along with their emergency vehicles!" Nice :)

The race is the week before Chicago, or two weeks before Detroit and Grand Rapids. Everyone and their brother who is doing Detroit will be running 12 miles that week. What's another 1.1? Hal wants me to do 8 and I really doubt he'd approve of me doing a half, but I also don't think he approves of doing full marathons on consecutive weekends. Besides I like the medal. Reason enough :)

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