Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week 9 - The wasted week :(

If someone is trying to lose weight and train for a marathon, he/she should always lose the weight first THEN train for the marathon. How many times have I read this? How many times have I parroted this advice? Yet I fail to follow it :(

Technically I hit my goal weight the day after the Cincinnati marathon, but it doesn't really count because it was post-marathon so I was likely mega dehydrated. Besides, I figure I have to maintain it for five consecutive days to count.

I'm up 4 pounds since then and decided last week was the week to take care of the excess and hit my goal weight once and for all. Back to the Daily Plate. Back to 1390 calories a day. Back to eating food carefully doled out in measuring cups.

Everything was GREAT on Tuesday. I had 1 cup of Kashi, 1 cup of milk and a big handful of blueberries then had a really good 3 mile run at a 9:57 average pace. I felt inspired that night and went for my second run, which was even better - 4 miles at 9:12 average.

I "lost" 1.5 pounds the first day. More significantly I lost any ability to run. Wednesday I dragged myself through 7 miles, Friday I did 5.75 of the 7 Hal had prescribed. Saturday was the worst day of all. He said to do 15, I completely gave up at 5.23.

The three bad runs were all done in the heat of the day. Granted it was cooler than it has been, certainly cooler than last year, but it would have been much better to get up early or wait and go in the evening. I really don't like having a run hanging over my head all day, but it's just foolish to run in the sun if I don't have to.

The biggest problem was the complete and utter lack of energy. I know exactly what caused it - lack of calories. A calorie is a unit of ENERGY. Not enough calories = not enough energy. Duh. I KNOW THIS!!! Applying it is the problem.

I still have nine weeks to train before Chicago and can't have another week like this last one. Hmm I just realized I'm half done training. The last three weeks are for tapering, so there are only six serious weeks left, including the longest runs of 17, 18, 20, 20.

I guess I'll be 4 pounds heavier than I want to be. Oh well. My clothing all fits, I'll be ok. More importantly I'll have the strength and energy to get through Hal's plan. I'm still following intermediate 1 and I really don't want to drop down to novice 2.

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