Sunday, September 22, 2013

A 10k medal I REALLY want

Darn Jeff at Detroit Runner! If he hadn't posted this, I would never know about the race, but now that he made me aware of it, I want to do it! This race has quite possibly the funniest medal ever:

I've been pretty clear with my disdain for 5k or 10k medals, yet if they're this awesome, I WANT ONE!!!! hahahahahaha "Fra-geeeeelay....must be Italian..."

The details are that it's a Cleveland race in December, which is not a place I necessarily want to visit (unless it's to see the Tigers play at Jacobs). I especially don't want to go in the winter, not to mention it's awfully far to drive for a 58 minute run.

All valid arguments, yet the race organizers tempt us further with a "virtual" option. Runners doing this option sign up and run the distance at home, or wherever, and the race folk mails the shirt and medal. It's $45 plus shipping, which is way too much for a 10k, but have you ever seen a funnier medal????


  1. Replies
    1. Want to do it with me? We can run at Kensington :)

  2. Also, the virtual idea is BRILLIANT on their part.