Monday, September 9, 2013

Injury? Fatigue? Overtraining?

Friday was hot and sunny. Hal wanted me to run 5 miles, but around 3, my left ankle started hurting. It wasn't even the ankle per se, but the connectey thing (ligament? tendon?) between my foot and my leg on the outside. There was also a water main break at home, so I made my route go past McDonald's to refill my water, then finished 4 miles and was done.

Went to yoga that night. My favorite teacher doesn't work there anymore and the woman who took over is nice enough, but it's not the same. Class did nothing to make my ankle feel better.

Saturday Hal wanted me to run 20 and I had plans with Kelly who was running 16. We did an 8-mile out and back route from Willow MetroPark to Lower Huron MetroPark. The first 8 miles were really good. My ankle was stiff and sore, but after 1/10 of a mile, I could run on it without pain.

The second 8 were awful! I was really dehydrated by that point and the rolling hills appeared more like mountains. Every time we stopped to walk up a hill or to get a drink of water, the pain came back and lasted longer. We got back to the car at 16 and I was done. Forget 20 :(

I did every home remedy that afternoon: I soaked both feet / calves in ice water, then soaked in hot epsom salt water, elevated, compressed in knee socks. Nothing seemed particularly helpful, but then again, those are remedies for swelling, and I didn't have any, just lingering pain.

Sunday I could move forward and back just fine. Moving laterally was painful and going down stairs was really painful. Going up stairs was fine.

Now it's Monday and Hal wants 5 miles. It's a beautiful 64 degree cloudy day, which is GREAT for running, but I need to rest it. I can roll it outward without any pain, it's only rolling the ankle inward that causes pain on the inside of my calf.

My plan is to wear sturdy shoes - no flip flops or heels! - and rest another day or few until the pain is gone.

Ugh this sucks >:(

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  1. Ice and elevate as often as you can. Hopefully it's just a minor set back and nothing major!