Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My left hip doesn't like running? Too bad!!!!

In 2010, my left knee ached all summer and I couldn't walk from here to there. After many tests to rule out possible diagnoses, the doctor gave me Salsalate (anti inflammatory medication) and it fixed everything. I've since considered the strong likelihood that my knee was perfectly fine, it was my hip that was messed up.

Fast forward a few years. My left knee was twinge-y for a lot of June and July. It wasn't necessarily in pain, just felt stiff and like it needed to be popped.

In September the pain jumped down to my ankle / lower calf and there it sits. It hasn't responded to any home treatments - heat, ice, epsom salt, rest, ibuprofen, nothing works! I can run and it only hurts when I poke at it, but how it'll fare during a marathon is a concern. Just because I can run 1 hour doesn't mean I can run 4-5 hours.

It's affected more than nine consecutive runs - which somehow became my benchmark - so I went to see a sports medicine doctor. I didn't want a doctor to say "If it only hurts when you run, stop running." Nope, not valid treatment.

They took x-rays and everything was fine. I had pretty much already diagnosed myself and outlined the course of treatment, and the doctor agreed with everything. The pain is right where the muscle and tendon meet, but he doesn't think it's a tendon issue because I'd feel that throughout the arch of the foot. He said I can get an ultrasound if I want to look at the tendon, but he doesn't think that's it.

I mentioned the 2010 issue, and that a little hip problem changed the whole alignment and functioning of my leg. He agreed. I took in the empty pill bottle I used successfully in 2010 and said I would like that again. He agreed.

I mentioned the races several times, and at no point did he discourage me from doing them. I didn't even necessarily need a cure today, just some pain management and if everything goes how I expect, I'll be managing quite well :)

Meijer didn't have the med, but they ordered it and I should be good to go tomorrow. In 2010 it took twelve days to kick in, but my pain was much greater then. I'm hoping for a few days and I'll be as good as new :)

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