Thursday, September 5, 2013

Run for CHUM race review

Bill and I definitely knew we wanted to go on a trip for Labor Day, but we weren't sure where until the last minute. Originally he wanted to go to Ludington to participate in a disc golf tournament. I knew he'd be gone most of Saturday with that, so I decided to find a half marathon I could do to run the 13 miles Hal prescribed.

He decided to skip the tournament, but I kept with my race, which was nowhere near Ludington, but in Dansville between I-94 and I-96 west of Chelsea. It was a Monday race, so everything was fine.

I had no real reason for wanting to do another race, but it was convenient that it was the same mileage I would be doing anyway, and someone else would worry about the route and I would have water without wearing my water holster.

The race was a fundraiser for CHUM - Children and Horses United in Movement. I picked up my packet on Monday morning 15 minutes before the start, but Sunday evening pick up was available, and included a free spaghetti dinner and the opportunity to meet the horses :D

By the time I picked up my packet (which was only a shirt and number) I probably could have gone back to the car and ditched the shirt, but I didn't want to rush to the start, so I wore the shirt over the shirt I was already wearing. Isn't that as bad as those people who wear the shirt of the band they're seeing at the same concert????
Anyway, it's a nice enough shirt. I like the front. The back - meh, all sponsors, but it was a really cheap race and it's for charity, so I'll cut them a little slack. Something great was their website said the shirts run large, so I requested a smaller one and it fits great. 
The course was mostly streets and a few dirt roads. It was insanely hilly though! Gah! Good training, but a real pain in the butt! The only times I saw people were at the 5 water tables that all had both water and orange Gatorade, which was a great change from the yellow every other race uses. 

A house along the course had a wagon next to the street with a cooler in it filled with water and a sign: "Water! Help yourself to one. From the Russell family." I wish I had a picture of it, but my camera battery was almost dead and I had forgotten my little carrier belt. Oh well.

Rather than volunteers, each of the intersections was patrolled by a police officer, directing the correct route. The sheriff repeatedly drove the course in his car and he asked me at least five times if I was ok :)

The race ended at the track at the high school, then the field house was open for bathroom access and volunteers or CHUM employees were using the kitchen facilities to make scrambled eggs and pancakes. They had huge containers of coffee too. Awesome post-race food!

I finished faster than at The Legend, still not what I wanted, but I also did it on a whim at the end of vacation. It served its purpose as a training run and I accomplished the miles.

The medal is ok. It was a fund raiser for a horse charity, so I wonder....why isn't there a horse on the medal???? I have two thoughts on this - 1. it was probably tons cheaper to buy a generic medal and just add the text, rather than design a completely new medal, and 2. the medal clips on to the ribbon, so they probably bought a thousand medals the first year and keep using the leftovers each year, just changing the ribbon. Again, it was a cheap entry and a fund raiser, so it's ok.

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