Sunday, September 15, 2013

Status update :(

Saturday was absolutely perfect weather wise - low 60s and sunny. Hal wanted me to run 12 miles, but I had the good sense to say I'd run what I could. It started off great! My quads felt light, my feet felt light, everything was REALLY GOOD!!!!

First mile was good, second was good, third was good. Fourth mile my left ankle started hurting a little. I got through seven miles and my ankle felt so-so, not great. I iced it that night and it felt so-so.

Sunday it felt worse and was causing me to limp when I first got going. After 10-20 steps, I could walk right, but I was definitely limping at times.

Went to Target and bought some ibuprofen. Took a hot bath. Massaged it.

It feels so so.

Work just changed our insurance and to save $ on premiums, I opted for the high deductible plan, and I just don't feel like spending several hundred dollars for a doctor to say "nothing is structurally wrong with you. If it only hurts when you run, stop running." I can tell myself that for free...

It's not swollen at all, it's not red, it's not hot to the touch, so my home diagnosis is either a stress fracture of tendinitis of the posterior IT band. Which is it? It doesn't matter. The remedy is the same for either - rest.

Chicago is in 4 weeks, which is a good amount of time. Mid-week running is out. I'll bike or elliptical, neither of which is anywhere close to comparable, but they're cardiovascular, which makes them better than nothing. I'll try Saturday runs, depending on how I feel.

I have a massage appointment this week anyway. Bill's friend recommended acupuncture. I read a story in Runner's World that sums it up perfectly: "... judgement takes a hiatus if a runner hears that a product will get him back on the street fast." Yep, exactly. Common sense also takes a hiatus when your recovery time has a deadline.

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