Thursday, September 26, 2013

This makes up for the hideous shirt

I still stand by my opinion that the Indianapolis Monumental's shirt is the ugliest one I've ever seen. Their medal, however, goes a long way toward making me not care one iota about the shirt. They finally revealed it today:

It's posted next to the 2012, for comparison of its massive size. Even better... it's a spinner!!! I don't have any yet! "2013" is on the back of the spinny part. I really really like it :)

Disney posted the ribbons that go with the medals. I didn't like the medals when I first saw them. I thought they were generic looking and kind of blah and meh. The more times I see them, though, the more I like them. Both the Disneys and the Indy though are flat bar hangers, and I prefer the v-hook style for my hanger. Ah well.

Wouldn't I rather wait and be surprised by the medals when I finish? No, not at all. I want to see them and envision them around my neck and hanging on my wall. Eyes on the prize baby!

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