Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Upcoming goodies

A few more pictures were posted of upcoming goodies for my races.

Here is the front of the Free Press shirt:
I like the red, I like their style with a small design on the chest and the name of the event on the sleeve. I like that each of the four races has its own specific shirt. Past experience says the sleeves will be too short.

Here, however, is the back:

Ummm... Bill and I looked at it for several long long seconds, trying to figure out what exactly it is. A chair? A gun? A loveseat? The dashboard of the USS Enterprise? I finally realized it's the course route. Cute idea, but I'm not loving the actual design. Just the word Detroit would have been great, although what's up with the Ts???

And here are the Disney medals. I'm not impressed, especially for what they cost. Everyone who saw them at the expo at Disneyland said they're really nice in person. The marathon one is bigger than the half, which makes sense, but it's also bigger than the Goofy. Kinda weird. No photos yet of the Disney shirts.

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