Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yeah, I run like a girl

I don't post photographers' race picture previews on here because I respect their intellectual copyright. Yet, if I pay for the pictures, I scan and post at will.

I wasn't necessarily planning to buy any since Columbia City, but the two from The Legend trail half turned out well and they were cheap ($3.25 each) so Bill surprised me and bought them.

Here they are:
My arms look a little wing-like, but look how thin they are! The best part - my quads look sick!!! I really like that my raised foot is actually off the ground  more than 2 inches :) Maybe I'm looking at my watch, I don't know. If only we could digitally remove the people sitting on the ground behind me! I like how the trees are blurry. This picture has great artistic composition :D

I really like this one. I look like a runner!!!! If the shirt looks a little darker than normal, it's because it's completely drenched in sweat! Ewwwww!


  1. Great photos. I usually look like Shrek or death. lol

    1. haha Shrek :P I usually have my mouth hanging open, trying to catch flies :(