Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chicago Saturday

Chicago's expo was massive. Bill had gone with me to Cincinnati and I warned him this was probably 3 times bigger. He was a good sport and knew HAL was a priority! Hal!!!!!! It was extremely well organized and the exhibitors were in rows, as opposed to a serpentine pattern, so I could go wherever I wanted and dodge crowds, etc. This is mostly a photo post, so enjoy!

Anytime the expo center is this big, it's going to be massive!!!

Disney medals. The more I see them, the more I like them. The Mickey medal is massive - the biggest in my collection, but fairly thin.

Yes, I'm wearing the event shirt AT THE EVENT! It's a great shirt. When I first saw it online, I thought it was hideous, but it's women's cut, fits me, and has ZERO sponsors on the back. I wore it for three days straight...

Great big wall that was originally covered in race magnets. The idea was you took a magnet and signed underneath it.

HAL!!!!!!!!! I'm definitely more excited than he is. He's exactly what I thought he'd be - a curmudgeonly 83-year old who's met 50,000 versions of me over the years. He was really nice and friendly, but our meeting was definitely more exciting to me than to him, and that's ok.

Really neat thingie I hadn't seen before. I scanned my number and my name appeared on the screen for a few seconds. Nice flash, eh?

HAL signed my bib. I bought his new book and asked him to sign that as well (in case it rained and I lost the signature on my bib).

Aside from Hal's book, the only thing I bought was a pint glass. I guess I collect them, even though I never drink from them. It has the race logo on both sides.


  1. That first picture is actually Bart Yasso, not Dean. :)

  2. Oops! It didn't look like any pics of Dean from the book, so I asked the woman at the Runner's World booth just to be sure and she said it was Dean. Bummer :( Thanks for the heads-up!