Thursday, October 31, 2013


When I was three, I was a ballerina for Halloween. I had a beautiful blue and white tutu and Mom styled my hair in a bun, even let me wear lipstick! It was the first year I got to go trick or treating.

Unfortunately, on the big day, I came down with the flu! My brother had to ask our neighbors for double candy for his poor little sister who was home sick with the flu.

Fast forward a few years....

Bill wanted to get dressed up and go out, so I put about 3 seconds thought into it, and decided to be a ballerina and wear the costume from my 8th grade ballet recital. (the same costume I wore to the 2011 Run through Hell on Halloween)

Yup, flu again! Evidently, I just can't be a ballerina for Halloween!!!!

My other costume was for school, where it's completely ok for kids and adults to dress in costume. I was a marathon runner! Oh wait, I was supposed to be something different from normal???


  1. Great Pictures Michelle. Hopefully you get this flu out of your system and you end up being the healthiest person in Michigan during the winter!