Monday, October 28, 2013

I hate my body - post #327

How many times have I posted this exact same story? I take care of myself, yet I'm constantly sick. As if the flu wasn't bad enough, I had a sore throat on Friday. I figured it was because of all the vomiting, then by Friday night both my ears hurt. I thought I was better on Saturday, but by that night, my ears were ringing and it felt like my throat was closing. Obv I know it wasn't, but knowing and feeling are vastly different.

I went to a CVS "minute clinic" and met with Sarah, a really really nice nurse who confirmed my sinus infection and prescribed me amoxicillin.

It took months to build up my heart and lung capacity, and just like that it's gone. Build for 6 months, gone in three days. I'm out of breath now from walking up a flight of stairs. My normal resting heart rate is 62-66, but has been consistently over 100.

Sooooooooo angry >:( 2013 was supposed to be my redemption for last year's Monumental marathon with the flu, but I'll be lucky to break 6 hours this year with how I feel.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear that you are sick. I hope you start to feel better by the weekend!! The amoxicilin will definitely help make you feel better!!