Thursday, October 10, 2013

The calm before the storm

Before a tornado hits, the sky does weird things - it either gets green, or really cloudy in an instant. The humidity changes drastically. All the insects quiet down and an eerie feeling pervades the atmosphere.

Then the storm blows in and it all changes in a tizzy!

I'm definitely in the pre-storm phase right now, running very little, trying to relax, trying to get lots of sleep. Things aren't normal and they're about to blow up at the marathon. It's weird. In a few days this one will be over, and in less than two months, I'm done racing, all my training has been forgotten and much like post-tornado people, I'm left thinking...what do I do now?


  1. Good luck! It's a great course; flat, fast and lots of crowd support!!

    1. Thanks. I'm more excited about meeting HAL than about the race haha :)