Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What was I thinking???

My fall race season kicks off in a few days and I have only one thought: What in the world was I thinking???? I'm running 6 races in 7 weeks. This is almost as bad as when I did 4 marathons in 4 weeks in the spring. I'm racing practically every weekend until Thanksgiving. What the heck??? (Some year I should do a race every single week. Man, would that be expensive!!!)

I'm doing the following distances:

half (goal - 2:20)
full (goal - break 5:00)
full (goal - have fun, finish, beat "Ironman")
week off!!!!!
full (goal - don't get the flu!!!! have fun, finish, beat "Indy")
full (goal - fun, finish)
10k (goal - break 1 hour)

The week off isn't necessarily set in stone either. I might toss in a 10k if I decide I "need" more swag. As it is, I'm getting 4 shirts and 2 jackets, do I really need more? Yeah I don't think so. We'll see though.

The week off is also the date of a race I actually really want to do, but this isn't the year for it. The Screaming Pumpkin sounds like a completely unique race. It's a night race, which immediately appeals to me, and to go with the Halloween theme, it's a 4-loop course through a cemetery. What makes it so different is that each runner picks his or her own start time, with the goal of finishing as close as possible to midnight without going past. Last year's winner finished at 11:58:55. The relay was even closer - 11:59:30.

To make it heaps more difficult, no music, no watches, no phones. There are also no spectators outside of the aid stations. Runners who finish before midnight get a tiara, and those after, a pumpkin. It sounds like a blast, but not this year, mainly because I don't feel up to 5 marathons in 5 weeks, and it's in Peoria, Illinois, so it's not exactly close. Besides that one pretty much requires a partner or group to help with pacing.

For now my main goal is to stay healthy. If a child at school so much as sniffles, time for the blue surgical mask!!!! Even with shortening my 20-miler, I feel READY!!!!


  1. OH my Goodness Michelle, I had to read this twice!! My first thought was "This is more than you did in the spring and then I read your words almost the exact in my head!! YOU a beast girl. Stay healthy. I am excited for you!! I hope to see you at one of those races!!!

    1. I know, it's craziness! I had to put together a spreadsheet today to keep straight all the logistics!!! It'll be fun though. Races make all the training worth it :)