Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Christmas Story house run goodies

My "fragile" package arrived today from Cleveland. It could only be one thing - my goodies for the virtual 10k Christmas Story House run!!! Truth be told, I only entered this one because I wanted the  medal - it's a major award!!!!

Aside from the medal, I got a shirt, which is enormous. When did "medium" become a euphemism for XXL???? It's cotton and totally not worth mailing back for a smaller size, assuming they'd even offer that. It'll become part of the "lounge around on Saturday and never leave the house" rotation. Also included were a race number, a certificate of completion and a single serving of Ovaltine :D
The medal is gargantuan. I held it in my hand for sake of comparison. It's bigger than my Chocolate 10k, which was the biggest in my collection. When they said it was a MAJOR award, they weren't kidding!!!! The ribbon is solid red. The back is empty - nothing engraved.
This one started the third row of my hanger, where the half marathon medals and the Chocolate 10k medals will quickly be relegated after the Goofy. Side note: I hung my bars further apart than the company displays show because I want to see the ribbons too, not just the medals.
Since it's a virtual race, I don't actually have to do the miles to receive the medal, but I will. Maybe this Saturday, perhaps next. The actual race in Cleveland is December 7th, so maybe then. They will be done!!!


  1. LOVE your medal hanger. Is that from Gone for a RUN???

    1. Thanks, Santa brought it last year from Allied Medal Displays https://www.medalhangers.com/ It's great quality and I'm super happy with it!!! Last year they did 10% off and free shipping on "Cyber Monday"