Saturday, December 21, 2013

A big decision

I have a different approach to racing for 2014. Rather than do a lot of half-@ss races, I'm going to focus on ONE quality (faster) finish. I'm going to train hard and run my legs to half dead. I'm not going to "save" any energy for the next race. The race was selected months ago as the Flying Pig in Cincinnati.

At least that was the plan. Then I thought about it some more. I really really like the Glass City marathon in Toledo. I've done both races so I have the luxury of knowing the courses, and Toledo's course is a much faster one than Cincy. It's extremely flat and downhill, compared with the constant hills of Cincy. Not to mention I'm doing the "4-way challenge" again, so I'll be racing 9.3 miles on Saturday before the Sunday full marathon.

It just makes sense to do Toledo again this year, knowing a flat course is tons more conducive to a major PR than is a hilly, more crowded course.

I had considered the Martian because it's so close to home, but both times I've done it, the weather has been abysmal and completely not worth it. I might do the half this year, only if the weather is good!!! I thought it would be fun to do Louisville on my birthday, but I'll wait on that as well. Toledo is the goal this spring. See you at the finish line!!!

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