Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Christmas Story "race" review

I received my goodies over a week ago for the Christmas Story House run and finally did the "race" today. The actual race in Cleveland is this Saturday, but the forecast here is a brisk 23 degrees, compared with the mid-40s we had today. It was nasty cloudy and twilight lasted for three hours, but if there was a day to run outside in the foreseeable future, this was it.

I put together quite an outfit for the race - shorts and a long sleeve tech shirt, wool knee socks, gloves and a wool hat. I looked like a dork, especially with my reflective vest, but temperature wise, it was the perfect choice. I had two thoughts for approaching this race - either try to break 1 hour, or run the entire way without walking.

I know the walking thing is ALL in my head, and it seemed the better option today. Hal always say to start slowly enough that you can maintain that pace the entire race. He also says it's better to go faster at the end, than it is to fall apart at the end due to going out too fast. Huh, what do you know? Both ideas were great in practice today!

I didn't concern myself with my time or my pace and I wore my watch only for distance. One mile, two miles, they kept passing easily and without pain. Around mile 4, I was on Rosedale, which is my favorite street for running and I started picking up the pace.

I finished all 6.2 miles without walking a single step. Wheeeee!!!! Success!!! Equally great - I negative split the "race," so the second half was considerably faster than the first half. I could have kept going indefinitely, but it was dark and I had things to do after.

The race organizers posted that they have leg lamp knee socks for sale. Me thinks I might make a small purchase to commemorate the awesomeness of no-walking and negative splitting a 10k. Certainly not my greatest "race" ever, but I'm happy with what I managed. Dare I say it? It was EASY!!! Now I need to go faster next time and make it harder :D

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