Monday, December 2, 2013

Buying a lottery ticket

When I got to school this morning, one of the secretaries said the New York marathon lottery opened today. I'm obviously nowhere near the qualifying times, but she said it doesn't matter - the lottery is for everyone. All along I though the lottery was conducted only from those entries who meet the time criteria, but they're actually two different systems. Some people get in based on qualifying time, others get in on the lottery. Still more get in via charity spots, but I don't like asking people for money, and I certainly don't have enough myself to make the required donation, so I never pursue that route.

Well, this was big news. Today only it was $5 to enter the lottery, tomorrow through March it's $11. I  kinda feel like I'm throwing away the $5, but at the same time, I managed to get in to Chicago. Why couldn't I get lucky twice? 26 people will be chosen tomorrow, the rest have to wait until March. Fingers crossed! I know if I somehow win the drawing, it'll be a big expensive hassle of a weekend, but like Chicago, if I get in, I'll be there without a second thought.

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