Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Goodies in the mail

November was a great month for receiving goodies in the mail :)

The Flying Pig marathon had a deal at the Chicago expo that if you registered then, you'd get a free t-shirt. I like the piggy design and it's the one definite marathon on my spring schedule, so I had my credit card in hand to sign up. The wi-fi wasn't working, however, so I wasn't able to register then. The woman working the booth said to email her if I had any problems getting the free shirt when I registered. It took several emails, but this little piggie came home.... Runners could pick the shirt color - I went for red.

The medal I received at the Indianapolis Monumental marathon was damaged, so Blake and Heather quickly sent a replacement upon my email requesting one. Most people wouldn't notice the damage, but I paid good money and dragged myself through misery to get it, and I look at my medals no fewer than 38 times a day, so I wanted an undamaged one. The damaged one will be donated to Medals for Mettle next time I see them at an expo. The medal is fine and they replace the ribbon anyway, so I don't feel bad about donating a damaged ribbon.

The next package was a surprise from Disney and goes a long way toward explaining why the race was so expensive. They sent a really cute box, seriously the box is my favorite part. Inside is a personalized booklet and a flash drive. So far as I can tell, its only contents are a link to the Disney website, so I deleted it and I have a new flash drive that lights up green when plugged in :) 

The same day I received the Disney box, I received my surprise box from Nita for winning her contest of who ran the most miles on a treadmill and survived to post it on her blog. All I knew was that she had goodies from the New York marathon so the actual contents were a surprise :) 
She sent orange sunglasses, an orange massager, chapstick, a carabiner, Chomps, Chia seeds, Vega sport mix and a pair of thunder sticks that I promptly gave to Bill to use at a future race - they can't be any worse than the cowbell he picked up at the Chicago expo!


  1. Ha ha!! Love that you got your Goodies!! You had a great day in the mail! I love the Flying pig tee shirt!
    I keep saying that I am going to run that race..and I keep failing at doing it! The bling is great but I heard the hills are H***!

    1. Yeah, the hills are tough, but you're tougher!!