Sunday, January 5, 2014

A gimpy hip

I've read before that the most common injury in female runners is non-specific hip pain. Yep, I know that all too well. My left hip has been bothering me for a solid week. At first I could run without any great pain, then I could run after getting through a half mile of pain, then I couldn't even manage a half mile because my knee kept locking.

So that sucks. Making it so much worse is the timing of it - I leave for Disney in 5 days!!!! At this point, even if I went to a doctor, he/she couldn't do anything before the race because it's all internal pain and would involve expensive invasive tests to diagnose. Due to Christmas break, I only get paid once in January, so the doctor route isn't happening.

I used my Salsalate sparingly in the fall, using only what I needed to get through the races and I have 40+ pills left, so I've been taking two a day since Friday. Sunday I started feeling an iota better. I feel like I'm still limping, but the pain is a tiny bit less.

I'll keep using the meds and determine my Goofy strategy when I get to Florida. All along I've known I won't set a PR there, but I thought perhaps race the half and just have fun with the full. Maybe now I walk all 39 miles *shudder* It's too late to defer my entry and the airline and hotel are non-refundable, so I'm going and I'll get through it. It's not so fun now :(


  1. OH Michelle, I am so sorry. I will keep you in my prayers. Stupid Hips pain. My Running partner suffered from Bursitis and really struggled getting back into the swing of things. Winter is a good time to recover but not with the GOOFY Challenge. UGH. Just making the best of the worse is still good..Right? It sounds very cliché'. But Honestly I feel for you. And I am praying for YOU!


    1. Thanks for your prayers! Bursitis is exactly what it is, and the main remedy is rest, but I have too much $$ invested in this weekend between the entry fee, the flight and the hotel. One way or another I'm crossing the finish line!!!