Monday, January 13, 2014

Disney - Friday

It was funny waiting at Detroit-Metro airport on Friday morning. At first I saw a family wearing runDisney shirts from a previous year, then I saw a man wearing a Boston marathon shirt and it was obvious where they were all going. Then I started looking at people's shoes and there were SO MANY runners on the flight. The man next to me was one and we chatted for the second half of the flight.

When I arrived, my room was ready so I checked in and got settled. Took the bus to the expo at the ESPN Wide World of Sports and it was no problem whatsoever. The Goofy and Dopey runners went to one building and the full and half runners went to the other. I picked up my number super fast and easy, and the woman explained everything that was in the bag.
Walked a few steps to pick up my shirts. All three were in a bag with safety pins, and size exchange was 20 steps away, for those who needed it.
There were a few cut-outs of Mickey, Donald and Goofy so I stopped for a quick photo. They were the same design as on the shirts. A cute little touch is their race numbers reflect the total race mileage. Yup, I'm representing the Flying Pig :) A few people asked if I'm from Cincinnati.
I bought a pint glass for my collection and a pin for my backpack. There had been tons of complaining on facebook about the lack of items and lines, but ummm which expo were they at??? There was a ton of stuff and no wait whatsoever. I kind of wanted a Goofy hoodie, but I didn't like the colors they offered. There was a nice jacket as well, but it's basically the same jacket I got at the Chocolate run with my entry fee, so I couldn't justify a $79 jacket when I have the same one, just a different logo.

I had nothing but time, so I went to the other building to see the expo there. It was definitely bigger, but all the typical vendors and I left without getting anything. Saw Chris Powell from "Extreme Makeover" who was there for the weekend with a client whose goal was to finish a half marathon.
Outside they had posters of each of the medals, so here I am with Goofy.
The shirt design was the same for every race, just different colors. On the sleeve is the logo of each of the parks that race visits. A little hard to see, but Donald is navy blue and Goofy is black. I really like the powder blue of Mickey - I don't have any race shirts that color :) They're nice - ladies' cut, with v-neck collars and the sleeves are long enough!!! I wore the Goofy shirt the entire time I was there. I never pack casual shirts when I travel to run, and just wear whatever shirt they give me :)
I'm going to complain about the back of the shirt though. The entry fees were exorbitant - $195 for the full, $340 for Goofy, $495 for Dopey and we're stuck with sponsors all over the shirt?!?! Booooo!!
I had the same bib for both races so I wanted to take a picture of it before it got all sweaty and wrinkled.

I had woken up at 5am for my flight and regardless of how tired I was, I refused to nap because I wanted to crash for the night around 8pm. After dinner I had a bath, rolled my legs and hips then laid down to watch a rerun and my eyes were flickering closed before 8. See you at 2:15 am!!!! Ugh, the only other times I've been up at that hour is because it's LATE not because it's EARLY!!!

Just for fun I started another blog of the great race shirts I see: Happy running!


  1. Nice job getting me excited to hear your recap. I Prayed for healing for you. I look forward to hearing how you did!!!

    1. Thanks for your prayers! That and BioFreeze got me to the finish. Still limping though :(