Friday, February 21, 2014


The day of the Columbia City marathon, Kelly asked what was next, aside from Disney, and I said with no hesitation that the next five months are all about getting faster. Surprisingly I've been able to stick with it. I HATE doing speed work! I'd rather do 5 slow miles than 1 fast one, I'd rather do hills than speed work, but unless I'm busy getting faster, I'm busy staying slow.

Time to woman up, put on my big girl pants and GET IT DONE!!!

This winter has been horrendous and with one exception, every single run has been on a treadmill. It blows. Yet, if I'm stuck in one place, going nowhere, let's get there fast!!! Variety works for me so I generally keep increasing the pace every 0.05 miles, or every minute, depending on the run.

On Monday I broke through my invisible barrier holding me just outside a 30:00 5k. After that, it was like a switch flipped. The next day I did 4.2 miles at 6.2 mph. That night I told Bill that in two more treadmill runs, I'd break one hour for a 10k - I figured I would do 5.2, then 6.2.

Thursday was gross. It was thundersnowing, everything was covered in slush and it was obviously going to be a treadmill day. I had my gym bag in my car at work so I had no excuses, and just before leaving work, I felt it in my bones. "If my car doesn't break down on the way to the gym, TODAY is the day to break an hour on a 10k," I emailed him.

I slow walked, I slow jogged for a few minutes. Then I shut off the machine, stretched out my quads, stretched out my hamstrings, spun the iPod to Ozzy's "I Don't Wanna Stop," and got ready.

It took me 5 seconds to get up to speed, then I just hung on. Some runs pass quickly, some I'm able to tune out mentally. Thursday I was all too aware of where I was in the distance, how much I had gone and how far I still had to go. I was counting down from 620 pretty much the entire way.

With 0.3 miles left, I started progressing the speed because I knew I was 5 seconds over with the time it took the machine to get to speed, and there was going to be no doubt on the time. I wasn't going to settle for a 60:00 10k. My #3 goal for the year is a 10k UNDER 1 hour.

Final time 59:45. Yeah!!!!!!!

Yet.... I'm not sure it counts. Nita says yes, absolutely, that it counts twice because I did it without race endorphins. I can agree with that, but I also see that I wasn't running my own pace, but keeping up with what the treadmill was forcing me to do. It was also done in my own little bubble, without any hills or corners, or people to dodge.

If this is the only time I do it, I'll always think "Yes, but..." Now that I've done it once, however, it's just the first time of many. It pretty much sucked, but easy doesn't do it! Hard work does it! See you at the finish line!!!

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