Saturday, February 1, 2014

A happy piglet

The Flying Pig marathon has pretty much become my favorite non-Chicago marathon, my favorite marathon for normal people, my favorite that I know I can register for every year. I often think I should skip it next year and do Pittsburgh, because that's the same weekend and I've heard good things about it, and it would get me my 6th different state marathon. Then I say no, next year. I mean NEXT year. I realized this week that I can't skip out on the piggie because they make a big deal out of runners who have done it every year and while I missed the first 14 marathons, I participated in the inaugural 4-way and maybe they'll make a big to-do about that eventually. Something special for the 4th running of the 4-way?

Speaking of the 4-way, they emailed happy news this week. They email an update every 2-3 weeks and this one was especially good :)
Would you like a medal with that Skyline Chili 3-way? Or 4-way? The Skyline Chili 3-way and 4-way challenge is back, and by popular demand, we're adding a new medal for those who participate in the events!... You've asked for a special medal for your accomplishments and we listened.
The extra 4-way shirt was ok, the plaque was nice enough, but what I really wanted was an extra medal. Thank you Mr. Pig!!!

Further update on March 5: So for your extra efforts, you'll get a special shirt, separate medal, a plaque to hang all four medals and a Skyline Chili gift card! [all this stuff is "free" because they don't charge anything extra for the 4-way beyond the cost of the 3 races]

They change their theme every year and I really really liked last year "The hero lies in all of us."

This year is "Pigcasso." When I first saw the ad in Runner's World I thought it was hideous, yet the more I see it, the more I like it. I'm not sure the poster will replace my hero piggie poster, but I decided I liked it enough to buy the "in-training" shirt, which I've never done for any race. The attention to detail is great - hard to see on the photo, but the date on the "calendar" is 4, which reflects the date of the race - May 4. Here piggie piggie!!!!

I've been rolling my leg like a crazy woman and got the knot super small so I was looking forward to running today, but it's snowing hard and snowing fast, so it might be postponed for tomorrow. Stupid Michigan winter :(

I never heard from the winner of the Spartan race giveaway, so I'm re-offering the free entry. The first person who emails - who had already commented on the post - will get it. trinity90578 at yahoo dot com.

Update: race entry has been claimed. Thanks for your interest.

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