Saturday, February 8, 2014

F*^% this winter!!!!!!

I've never been a fan of winter, but this year has been INSUFFERABLE!!!!!!! It's February 8 and the temperature hasn't been above freezing even one day since before Christmas. The cities have completely given up on road maintenance, and even if people shovel their sidewalks, there is still a bedrock of solid ice. How in the world am I supposed to run PRs this year when I can't even run????!!!!!!

In desperation I joined the Y today for a 2-month membership. I figured running laps at the track had to be better than the dreadmill. Yeah, not so much. I had completely blocked out how boring it is. My plan today was 10 miles, or 100 laps, but I gave up in utter boredom after 60. So that was a total waste of a Saturday long run.

If the lack of quality running isn't bad enough, I don't get paid for snow days either. Who ever heard of a job that punishes its employees financially for the weather? I'm ready, willing, able and WANTING to work, yet I've become a prisoner in my house.

The ten day forecast is a solid ten days significantly below freezing and snowing pretty much every day, of course. I can't win this winter. F winter!!!!!!!!! I'm so angry :(

Anyone know of anywhere to run outdoors that is cleared of snow and ice, that isn't I-75? That seems to be the only clear road :(


  1. Michelle, I hear YOU! I am in the Anger stage of the grieving process right along with you. Here are a couple things that I have tried.
    1. Have Treadmill have track for Long runs.
    2. Speed work on the treadmill or track is great. Put the TM on the "Track" display and run your 800m repeats.
    3. Take advantage of the TM with the inclines to build Strength.
    4. Remind yourself how Mental strength is more is most important and This is working that out mostly!
    5. NEVER NEVER GIVE UP. If you have to break run up keep GOING!
    6. Your down your thoughts of discouragement more than your legs!
    7. INDIAN SPRINGS is cleared. 8 mile loop.

    Hang in there. Still go after the PR! Running indoors stinks but it has a lot of advantages right now:
    1. Your not going to slip and fall.
    2. Your not weighed down by layers of cumbersome clothing.
    3. Your not as likely to get sick from sweating then freezing.
    4. You can do strength training on top of your runs.

    Hang in there, Anita

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. My only silver lining right now is that it's mental training for the boring parts of races. My neighbor looked at a different forecast than I did and his predicted a big thaw on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I hope I hope!!!!!

    2. I saw the same! Crossing my fingers and Praying!...Is that allowed?!