Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Making peace with the dreadmill

I desperately want to be running outdoors. The worst times are when it's not even that cold but the sidewalks and roads are a total mess so I've had to make alternate arrangements all winter. Last weekend I joined the Y and discovered that the track can actually be worse than the dreadmill. It's a 1/10th mile lap, so it felt like I was constantly turning. As soon as I got in a few comfortable paces, it was time to turn again. So that felt unnatural. I had to remain mentally awake as well, both to avoid running into people, and to count laps. I managed to avoid the people, but kept losing count of laps. It's crazy to think how much I used to really enjoy the track.

My Y contract allotted a 3-day window to terminate the agreement and get a full refund. I liked the sauna and the building is in a geographically desirable location, but those aren't reasons to stay with a gym. Besides the month-to-month option is convenient, but more extravagant than my budget allows (I'd rather spend the $ on a few more races or a new pair of shoes, new SmartWool knee socks, etc.), so after work on Monday I un-joined. Emily needed a specific reason why I canceled my agreement - "track is too small." *shrug* I left another gym previously because their pool was too small.

So it's back to the dreadmill. I don't like it, but I can deal with it. My main problem is boredom, so I have two approaches to dealing with it:
1. throw a towel over the display screen, oscillate among the 28 different tvs and try to shut off my brain.
2. VARIETY!!!!! Change it up every 0.05 miles, whether increasing the speed or the incline. Don't let anything stay the same for more than a minute.

It's miserable, but the good thing is I've marathoned before and it's not my first rodeo so I know I can get through it. I  keep hearing from people that it's supposed to be in the 50s next week, but I'm not seeing this forecast!!!! I sure hope they're right! Winter has to end at some point, right???

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  1. 40 degrees by Friday Michelle! Love the PIC! made me laugh!