Thursday, March 6, 2014

A risky decision

It's Thursday which has become "10k PR day."

Today and every day I'm obsessed with watching the forecast, even though the meteorologists constantly lie to us, get our hopes up, then laugh as we get sucker punched with more &*$%# winter. Once again they're claiming it'll be in the upper 30s on Friday, but snow on Saturday.

I'm supposed to run 18 miles on Saturday but it sure as hell is NOT happening on a dreadmill. It makes sense to move my Saturday run to Friday. I'll be done working early enough that I can run a few solid hours in the daylight and it just makes sense to shift it a day.

To make it happen, though, I have to forego today's run because I don't want to start an 18-miler on tired legs. If Friday is the same nasty crap we've gotten all winter, I'm going to be really upset because I'm giving up a solid run today to ensure I'm fresh for tomorrow. In the grand scheme, 6 miles won't make or break my training, but if Friday is nasty sh-- weather, then I've completely wasted a good opportunity to run today.

I HATE HATE HATE winter. Go away already!!!!!!!!!

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