Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hey square, expand your mind!

I've always believed there are fast runners and there are slow runners and I'm definitely a slow runner. I've always been jealous of people who can run 6-minute miles. Heck, I'm jealous of long consistent 8-minute miles. I can barely hang on for two at that pace, and only on a treadmill.

But as I was slogging my way through 2 hours on the hamster wheel on Saturday, a light bulb flashed over my head and opened my mind. I'm slow because I LET MYSELF be slow. Really fast runners are often a lot lighter than me, but they're often generally shorter than me, and while I theoretically could lose 40 pounds, I wouldn't have any strength left to run, and I sure can't become 5-6 inches shorter. Aside from that, however, they are no different than me. They have the same muscular and skeletal systems, the same heart and lungs.

The only difference is that fast running comes easier to some people, but that doesn't preclude the rest of us from achieving it through hard work. It might never feel natural or easy, but even slow running doesn't feel "good."

For 34 years I've given myself permission to be slow. Hal said to log the miles and not worry about the pace, so I always did just that and never tried harder, never even considered it until this winter. 15 marathons later, I still never saw myself as a "runner." I always viewed myself as "someone who runs." Hey square! Expand your mind!!!

Granted it's easier to force myself to run faster on the machine, and it's definitely tons harder to run fast than to run slow, but it's completely within my power. My body has always been able, it's been my mind limiting me. For far too long my running theme song has been "Slow Ride... Take it Easy." I need a new theme song!!! Any suggestions?

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  1. I Love this POST!
    I think if you go back and read what you have written and pretend someone else wrote it you may believe your words even more. Your power is between your ears and in your HEART. You have to claim that. It is still pain, sweat and heartache no matter the size! Believe in yourself!