Thursday, March 13, 2014

The other side of the race

Randy from Running Fit sends an email every Wednesday with running tips, and obviously advertising the races they host. One intrigued me, but I didn't necessarily want to run it because it was a 5k and I'm pretty cheap with my money, so I asked Bill if he wanted to volunteer together at the Shamrocks and Shenanigans race in Ann Arbor. He lives there so it was really convenient, and Running Fit offers a great incentive that most races don't - a $30 voucher toward a future race they host.

He decided he wanted to run it, but I stuck with my plan to volunteer and it was nice. They gave me a long sleeve cotton shirt in the same design as the runners' tech shirt, the voucher, and whatever snacks were still at the finish after all the runners went through the food line. Running Fit often gives buttons specific to the race and I didn't get one, but I found one in the parking lot after the race :)

The actual work was easy enough. When I signed up, all that was available was working as a course marshal. I was paired with Lance and we were responsible for the intersection of Main St. and E. Davis. We dragged the barricades across the road, then directed cars to go south, or directly across to W. Davis. Once the race started, I supported the timing clock at mile 2 because the clock and the base weren't securely fastened. 

I made a poster for Bill, but after he passed me, I dropped the poster and held out my hand to offer high 5s. I told runners they were at mile 2 and it was downhill, they were 10-12 minutes from the finish, they were 65 percent done. When I saw a few people in shorts, I asked them where were their pants? I reminded them there was beer at the finish line, etc. It was pleasant :)

It was a nice change to be at the race, but not running. I didn't have to worry about eating and hydrating, or warming up. It was cold and hilly, and of no importance to me. I'll absolutely volunteer again for Running Fit :)
After all the posters he's made for me, I finally got to make one for Bill. I wanted to appeal to his love of math, so I wrote Bill is less than 30:00, knowing he wanted to break 30 minutes for his time. Lance said "so Bill is greater than 30?" Noooooo!!! Crap!!!! There was a pen in the car so I hastily scribbled out the > sign and wrote the correct <. He said that in computer talk <> means "is not equal to" so that's what I went with :) The kids btw are my cat and a stuffed dog I bought in Europe - I'm NOT secretly announcing a pregnancy!!!!!! lol 


  1. Thanks for making the poster sweetie! I really appreciate your support and encouragement. --Bill

  2. I Love YOUR Poster! You are a great support Michelle. One knows how to support because us runners love our support~!!