Monday, March 24, 2014

Thoughts on a long Saturday run

Disney and the miserable unrelenting winter have conspired to really interfere with training for my spring races. I'm getting the speed work done, but the mileage is nowhere near where Hal wants it. He thought I was doing 19 on Saturday, which was just comical, yet had I started earlier, I could have done it.

The forecast was low 40s and sunny. The reality was mid 30s and 100% cloud cover. Gah! I despise that weather! The only alternative would be running on Sunday, when it was supposed to be in the 20s and I don't like Sunday running. Sigh. I had time so I put on my big girl pants and made myself go.

My goal was to run further than a half, with a pace of 11:30 or faster. It seemed marginally difficult, but manageable. The final distance was 15.1, and I could have gone several more if I had time. I knew Bill was on his way over to watch the Michigan basketball game, so I had to stop where I did. Timewise, my average pace was 11:00, with the slowest time an 11:16.

I feel pretty pleased with this run. It gave me hope that I just might be able to PR this spring. Every other time, if it hurt, I walked or slowed down, but on Saturday, if it hurt, that was too darn bad. It was getting done, regardless of how I felt, and it worked. The second half was 1:27 slower, so that's pretty good. Not a negative split, but I also didn't fall apart at the end.

Hal wants me to do a 20-miler in two weeks. It might happen, or I'll be happy with 17+ if I can control the pace and not fall apart at the end.

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