Monday, April 21, 2014


I've been thinking about how I'm going to approach the Toledo marathon. Gone are the days that I show up and run however fast feels good, walking when needed. I've learned I'm completely dependent on my watch, so I'm going to use that for my strategy.

Here is the listing of water tables:

That's total craziness how many there are - the furthest distance between is 2.1 miles. I'll walk the duration of every water stop, but whether or not I drink largely depends on the weather. If it's warmer, obviously I'll drink more, but if it's cool, I can't overdrink, lest I need a bathroom stop.

My goal for the first half is to average 11:00 per mile, in the hope of not crashing and burning during the second half. If I can maintain a flat 11 average, I'll hit the half at 2:24, then have 2:34 to finish the second half and still PR, which would require an 11:45 average for the second half. It sounds so easy when I'm home at my computer playing with the numbers. We'll see how it plays out when I'm running.

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