Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Twinkies and PRs, oh my!

Tuesday, April 1st was the Twinkie 5k in Ann Arbor. Yes, Tuesday. It's always held on April Fool's Day, regardless of the day of the week. It just sounded fun - run a 5k while eating Twinkies? Heck yeah! Oh by the way, I don't even like Twinkies, but a minute was deducted from one's time for eating a Twinkie at the start, and a second minute was deducted for eating a second Twinkie mid-way. Of course I was going to eat them! Otherwise it was just another 5k in cold wind.

Courtesy of the Ann Arbor News

We lined up at the start, Twinkies in hand. It wasn't even chip timed, but the organizer said "go" and we devoured the Twinkies. I finished mine quickly and set off! I wasn't interested in going conservatively on the time. I planned to go all out for the entire way and if I fell or crawled to the end, so be it.

A problem was that my gps watch wouldn't shut off at the end of the Rock CF race on Sunday and everything still works now except the start/stop button, the most important one. Bill lent me his watch for Tuesday, but it wasn't charged, and I only got 1 mile pace out of it. That first mile was done in 8:46 hu-ah! A good part of it was across moist woodchips, so I didn't have the ground pushing back and propelling me up and forward. I likely would have been a few seconds faster if on concrete the whole way.

The last 2.1 I had to just go, don't be focused on the watch, just go as hard and as fast as I could.

Mile 1.6 (ish) was the second Twinkie stop. I grabbed one and started choking it down. People describe them as sponge cakes - yes, it tasted like a sponge. Some volunteers were holding Twinkies, others were marking bibs to show runners who ate a second one. I saw someone with a marker and mouth full of Twinkie, I said "Mark me!" He replied "mmgjammfb, got it!" haha The second Twinkie was nasty! Gross! Blech!

Kept going hard and fast and finished strong with a "gun" time of 28:23, also known as my second PR in three days :D Final average pace: 9:09 baby. It was old school timed, so the finishing chute was one person wide and volunteers put the tear-off part of our bibs on a hook in order. The finishing results were posted today and I finished 9th out of 39 in my age group. I was really pleased with that - a PR and a top 10 finish :)

Then I looked at the 35-39 age group. I WOULD HAVE WON that age group!!!! My birthday is April 19th and I'll move up to that age group. Darn race was 18 days too soon!!!!! Guess I have to do it again next year so I can win a race (even if it is a funny, silly one that involves Twinkies lol)

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