Sunday, May 11, 2014

1-mile PR

The night before the Flying Pig marathon, the Little Kings 1-mile race is held. It's not part of the Pig per se, but it benefits the same charities and is held in the same downtown area. Since I would already be there, I decided to do it. Why not, right? A straight 1 mile race with a steep downhill at the end? Count me in!

It was the shortest of the four races I would do that weekend, and the one I was most concerned about getting injured. A marathon on Sunday? No biggie! But a single fast mile? I had visions of blowing out a hamstring so I made sure to warm up more for this race than any other. I did a nice slow jog of almost a mile to pick up my stuff then stretched and stretched.

The medal is a bottle opener :)
The city closed the street one mile from the finish line and we ran straight, flying downhill at the end. It kept reminding me of the running of the bulls for some reason. Longer races never give me this image.

It's probably the only race where you want to be in a higher corral because the slowest finishers went first, then every ten minutes a faster group started. I predicted a 7:40 finish because I knew I'd be affected by the pace around me, and I wanted to be in the 7-minute group, not the 8-minute group.

The first 0.3 miles I was in the 6-minute range. It was hard! I was sucking in air so violently that I lost my voice almost immediately (I was fine by the next morning). I finished in 7:45 by my watch, 7:51 by their clock. My previous best had been an 8:40, so I'll take it! After I finished we stuck around to watch the other races finish. The male winner's time was 4:19 and the female's was 4:55. Crazy!

We actually got medals for this race, and the t-shirt is cute. Also included were coupons for 2 beers and a Skyline coney dog. Bill and I used the beer coupons, then I tore off the hot dog coupon and offered it to whoever wanted it. The goodies are nice, but I would have done the race for nothing. Had they said "donate $10 to our charity and you can use our clock and closed course" I would have done that.

This is going to be a more difficult PR to beat because it's not a super common distance for adults. Almost immediately after finishing I wanted to try again! My goal was anything under 8:00. Race 1 - win!


  1. Congrats!! I felt like I was sucking in Air with YOU. How FUN!!! the medals are cool. Not that I ever need a can opener...But the concept is fun and multifunctional. Congrats Speedy! :)

    1. Thanks :) I'll never use it as a bottle opener, but it's a cute touch for a race that was sponsored by a brew house.