Thursday, May 29, 2014

5-way Challenge

In Cincinnati, runners could do the 3-way challenge, which was the 10k, 5k and half marathon. They could also choose the 4-way challenge, which was the 10k, 5k and marathon. What about the 1-miler on Friday? Why was there no "5-way" challenge?

According to runners like myself and Mad Dog, such an event did exist. Granted, it was an unofficial event, but that's ok. I printed up my own race sign and wore it on my back all weekend. Maybe next year they'll recognize it as an official event. What do you think, Mr. Pig?


  1. Love it Michelle. Good for you. Congrats on all of them!! BTW. I took a picture of a shirt I saw at a race. I thought of your other blog!

    1. Can you send it to me? I'll post it with a link to your site :)