Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pig 10k - PR

Here are two things I never expected to say:
With Ryan Hall

1. I was in corral A.
2. I was in the same corral as Ryan Hall.

Thanks to Mr. Pig, both are true. Granted, I think everyone who expected to break 1-hour for the 10k was put in the first corral, and I'm glad I was there. I would be one of the slower runners, but I didn't have to dodge walkers or strollers the entire way :)

Everyone expected Ryan Hall to win. He set a course record in the process, beating the 2nd place runner by over 3 minutes. Bill and I agreed it was probably just a warm up run for him.

For me, however, it was a serious run and my time to hit a PR. It always helps to run a course I've done before because I know how and where it turns. The Piggie, for example, I knew I wanted to start on the right side.

To PR I'd need to average a 9:40. My first mile was sub-9, as was the second. By the third mile I was "slowing down" to 9:30s, but I had banked over a minute. By mile 5 I KNEW I was going to PR so when I saw the water table, I walked and sipped. *shrug* I was thirsty :)

Hit the final stretch and I was cruising to a big PR. My previous best had been 60:33 at last year's Pig. This time? 58:44, with an average pace of 9:28. My goal was anything under an hour, so I hit it with plenty of time to spare.
5k medallions

I finished 37/338 for my age group - I'm not used to such high placements!!!!

My legs were BEAT after the 10k, but less than an hour later, I had the 5k. Luckily I had already set a PR for this year at the Twinkie run, so I didn't stress when I finished in 30:12, almost 2 minutes above my PR. Oops :) Nevertheless it was good for 40th out of 343 age group. Something nice is that both races are within a 2-hour window, so runners don't have to make multiple trips for short races *ahem* Disney *cough*

I AM wearing shorts :P 
The "Finish Swine"


  1. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? oH MY GOSH!! I am overcome with envy!! RYAN HALL!! I want all the details. This would be a dream come true for me!!!

    1. He was very nice. I figure at this point, the only other major runner I'd like to meet is Paula Radcliffe. (Met Hal, Bart and Dean in Chicago.)