Friday, May 9, 2014

Toledo marathon 2014

The Toledo marathon wasn't fun. It was the same course as always (with a very small detour that I actually preferred), but I didn't enjoy it. I was bored and kept giving in to the pain and the hurt. I did the first half around 2:25, which is right in my normal range, perhaps a minute or two slower, but nothing to be concerned about. I kept my pace under control until about mile 18 or 19 when I gave in to the suck and started logging embarrassingly slow miles.

I finished. Sometimes that's all that can be said.

The weather was beautiful, but it didn't help with my time or my mental strength. Something I learned though is that it doesn't make one iota of difference whether or not I train for a race. In 2013, I did every single run Hal prescribed, even increased my two longest ones to 21 and 22 miles. This year I did what I could with the weather. My longest run was a terrible 16, but my finishing time was within 2 minutes of what it was last year.

I realized ahead of time that I can't make "16" with my fingers, so I carried an index card the entire way, to mark the race number at the end.

Shirt is a nice change from the gaggy chartreuse it's been the past two years. They always fit super great. Medal - meh. Same design as last year and I didn't love it then either.

Not my best or favorite race this year. Not even something I enjoyed. Immediately thereafter I announced my retirement from marathons.

The Flying Pig, however, changed everything...

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