Monday, June 23, 2014

A slight tweak

Bill and I had plans for Saturday to tackle item 30 on my bucket list - swim in all five Great Lakes in one day. It would be a massive day and I absolutely did NOT want to add a 9-mile run to it. So last week I shifted my running schedule from the normal Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.

It worked. I got the mileage done, I did the prescribed rest. What difference does one day make? I decided to make it a permanent shift, at least while I'm not working. I'll do my long runs on Fridays, then have my entire weekend free. Going on vacation with a 14-mile run on the agenda just isn't the same, but this way I'll have my monster run done before Bill gets off work.

I was zonked today since I hadn't slept well in the hotels, but I knew the run had to happen and I didn't want to shower multiple times, so I did it on the early side. It was super humid, which turned into light rain the last mile or so. The run gave me energy, as I knew it would. Getting started is always the hardest part.

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