Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New shoes!

I wear Mizuno Rider running shoes. The current model is version 17, but I'm still in my beloved 13s. When the price was right, I bought 8 pairs from Amazon and wish I had gotten more. At the time of purchase I figured I would be set with shoes until 2015 and it seemed comical, yet it just keeps getting closer and by next year I'll have to wear a new style!

My old ones were really beat up and quickly losing their shock absorption. My last several runs have felt sluggish, so it was time to get out a new pair. They're so clean! More importantly, they have good structure and will support my feet and legs. I made the last pair last seven months, which is one more than typical.

There is a solitary box left in the basement. Poor lonely shoes lol
It was like my own personal shoe shop :P

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