Thursday, July 10, 2014

The incredible floating training program

The first several times I followed Hal's training program, I followed it exactly. He said to run on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, so I did just that. The weather didn't matter, other commitments were scheduled around the running. His plan was carved in stone and that was that.

This go-round, however, it's all flexible. It started when I shifted to a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday plan. Then the weather became a factor and I deliberately began scheduling my longest run on the coolest day of the week. It only makes sense, right? The Wednesday forecast was 73 and Saturday's is 86. Why would I intentionally run when it's 13 degrees warmer???

The miles all get done. I rest the day before my long run. What does it really matter if I run 3-6-3-12 versus 3-6-12-3? Besides, it feels darn good to be done with my long run before the weekend :)
(On the coolest day of the week)

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