Monday, August 18, 2014

A terrible 10 :(

Saturday was an "easy" 10 miles, yet it was my worst 10-miler ever timewise. Grrr that was frustrating!

It didn't help one bit that I ran in the middle of the day. I like sleeping in so I didn't go super early, then Bill wanted to go to a party that evening, so late running was out. Unfortunately that left me with the middle of the day. I went to Ann Arbor for a chance of scenery, but it was hot and sunny so the different view didn't distract me or help any. The breeze felt good, but the weather wasn't on my side. It was one of the few really hot runs I've done this summer, so it could have been so much worse.

I wore my water belt, which makes me uncomfortable, but it was necessary. With the heat it didn't last more than 4 miles and after 5 I had to stop at an assisted living facility for a refill. More water would have helped, but there were seemingly zero water fountains.

Also problematic was my lack of protein before the run. I had eaten a bowl of Kashi cereal and a few cookies, so not much of substance. So I learned from that.

Within the first half mile I started cramping so my slow pace became glacial. After 2 agonizing miles the cramps passed. By that time I was sweating like crazy and my headphones were bothering me, so I tried to run with just one, but that was bothersome as well so I did the second half without any music. I was so bored, however, that I sang kids songs to myself lol

It got done. Sometimes that's all I can say.

The run had an unfortunate postscript. A few hours later, Bill and I were enjoying sangria at Dominick's with his friends, and looking at the menu. I was ravenous, but couldn't decide what I wanted to eat so I had him surprise me. When he returned with a barbeque chicken sandwich - something I would normally gobble up - my stomach turned. Within a few minutes my heart was racing, my forehead was gushing sweat and I went to the bathroom, hoping a little vomiting would make me feel better. Instead I shuffled to the car and laid down in the backseat while he had dinner and said goodbye. It was probably massive dehydration that felt like flu :(

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