Friday, August 22, 2014

Humidity!!!! Grrr

This summer has been super mild. Virtually every day I've been able to sleep in then run whenever I want, without having to run too early or too late. Granted, it's more comfortable to run when the sun isn't at a peak, but it's been tolerable all summer.

That dreamworld ended fast! Today is the oppressive heat and humidity we've come to expect from summer. It's mid-80s, but 80% humidity, so it feels like 91. I was sweating just walking from the car into the house and the air is so thick it's more difficult to breathe. The Hanson brothers want me to run 8 miles today...

What to do? Run on the treadmill? Wait until the sun is going down? Complicating everything is that tomorrow is one of my biggie 16-milers and the forecast says I need to wake up as early as possible and get it done. If I wait until later to run, I'll be doing 24 miles within 12 hours, which I'm sure isn't exactly what the brothers intend. I just don't know.

Any tips for dealing with humidity? Or staying dry in the face of such humidity? When it's so humid and I sweat so much the wetness leads to blisters and chafing. The wicking material doesn't really help when the air is already so heavy with water :(

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